A stroll through… Paris: The Eiffel Tower Edition //

Last December, I had the opportunity to travel to Paris for a short trip. I had 5 days in the city and decided to bring my sister along so that we could sightsee together. It turned out to be the best decision.

After visiting Paris, I don’t know why I hadn’t gone sooner! There were so many things that brought me joy there (like the kindness of the people, the beauty of the city and the food) but I thought I’d start this Paris series with the place we went to see first – The Eiffel Tower.


Farewell Summer 2018 //

It’s October which means that fall is officially upon us, friends! But before I dive into all the goodness that is fall, I need to say a proper goodbye to summer – and what a summer it was! Summer 2018 brought me the joy of film photography and I am grateful to have had an opportunity to capture my most precious moments in this format.

Without further ado, here are my favourite pictures from Summer 2018. Enjoy!