A stroll through… the archives //

As I write this, I’m painfully aware of the fact that I have several rolls of film in my room waiting to be developed. Instead of dropping them off at the store, I’ve been spending some time looking through my google drive folder of old photos. So in the spirit of the name of this blog, I’ve decided to curate a few of the forgotten ones I’ve yet to share.

Update, Nov/4: So I finally dropped off the rolls of film to the camera story yesterday! I also picked up some fresh rolls (including my first lomography film) and got a great deal on a rangefinder off e-bay. Finally feeling inspired after a long time!

Please sit back and enjoy this nostalgic edition of “A stroll through…”.

June 2018 – Nikon F70, unknown expired film stock
December 2019 – Nikon F70, Kodak Ultramax 400
December 2019 – Nikon F70, Kodak Gold 200
August 2019 – Pentax Espio, Portra 400
December 2018 – Nikon L35AF, AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200
December 2018 – Pentax Espio, Fujifilm C200

Making her mark //


Quietly, she laid down her belongings and sat by the water’s edge.

She was a curious figure, clad in all black except for the flashes of green coming from her scarf and from the pen she used to finish writing a letter she would never send.

When she woke up this morning, she had no idea she would be here, staring out into the lake but the day’s events compelled her to find the calm she so desperately sought.

So off to the water she went.

The ripples on the water’s surface always found a way to soothe her. The uniformity of it all was mesmerizing but she knew that, just like life, nothing was entirely as it seemed on the surface.

Fueled by energy from the wind, the ripples left their mark on the water’s surface. Each ripple blended carefully into the next but each one was unique in its beauty. A mix of jealousy and awe filled her soul. 

She stayed for a bit thinking about everyone that passed her as she watched the water. Who were they? What force of energy brought them here? She thought about this until she could think no longer.

Slowly, she packed up her things, slipped the letter she was writing into her jacket pocket, and disappeared.

As she walked, her soft movements travelled through the air and across the water’s surface and, for a moment, sped up the flow of ripples on the lake.