Looking ahead: My goals for 2019 //



It’s that time of year again! The end of another year full of memories but the beginning of a new one with plenty to offer.

So, with the spirit of the New Year, I’ve come up with the following four themes for 2019:

  1. Balance: I will strive for balance in all aspects of my life and make sure I am paying attention to those things that matter to me.
  2. Evanescent: I will recognize that life is temporary. I cannot waste it stressing out about the small things since it will all pass.
  3. Determination: I will work my hardest and bring my all to the things I care about. Giving it my all means feeling satisfied with what I have put it. It does not have to be perfect or exhausting.
  4. Learning: I will make a conscious effort to learn something new, everyday. This is beyond what I learn in the classroom and can come from anywhere – the news, the internet, a book, a friend, etc. I have to seek knowledge and absorb it fully.

A quick thank you to all those that have read my posts! I will continue in the New Year and I wish you a joyous holiday season and a Happy New Year 🙂 See you in 2019!



Self-expression without self-reflection //


As a person who tends to overthink, I often question why I do certain things. Recently, I have started to ask myself why I picked up photography as a hobby, not because I don’t enjoy it, but because I feel that there’s more to it than what’s on the surface.

To encourage my new hobby, I have started to carry a camera with me everyday. Sometimes I go out with the intention to shoot but more often than not, my camera sits in my backpack until I feel the need to pull it out. I started out strong in the beginning, but my photo-taking has slowed down. I suspect, that part of why this has happened is because my mind keeps going back to that same question: why do I want to take pictures? After a lot of thinking, I think I finally know why.

Self-expression has always been something I craved but as someone who is “creatively challenged”, I suppressed this innate need for a long time. In moments where the need for self-expression was so great it felt almost overpowering, I turned to writing. But it wasn’t until I started taking photos on film that I began to realize that this was more what I was looking for. But I still find myself looking for more from my hobby and perhaps that is because I still need more. Photography is a powerful medium in many ways and I am ashamed to say that I only recently understood how powerful it can be. Not only can the photographer show others how they view the world, but the photographer can also learn more about themselves through the photos they take. I realize now, that it is this self-reflective component that I need in addition to self-reflection in order to truly express myself.

So, self-expression without self-reflection: it’s not wrong but it may not be enough.


Hello, world! My name is Liin and I recently started to use my Dad’s old Nikon F70 (film camera for those in the know) and have fallen in love with film photography. While waiting for my first few rolls to be developed, I thought I’d share a few pics I took this past weekend on my Instax Mini 8.

This camera was my first introduction to non-digital photography and it continues to fascinate me. When my sister gifted me this camera for my birthday 4 years ago, I knew that deep down inside, it had ignited a curiosity in me that I have finally decided to indulge.

So, if you like what you have read so far, stay a while and join me on this journey to rediscover 35mm film photography. Here’s hoping for some good times and good pictures!