A stroll through…London Zoo //

This past May, I visited my family in London for two weeks. The first weekend I was there, the weather was very warm and sunny so we decided to go to the zoo!

I hadn’t been to the zoo in years before this visit so I brought my camera along to capture this moment. My 12 year old nieces were amazed by the concept of an analog camera so after explaining the basics to them, I handed over the camera and let them shoot a whole roll. Watching them discover the intricacies of film photography (“There’s no screen? How can you tell what you took??”) was a lot of fun and the three of us had a good time.

Here are some of the photos they took! I think they did a fantastic job for their first time ūüôā


Hello, world! My name is Liin and I recently started to use my Dad’s old Nikon F70 (film camera for those in the know) and have fallen in love with film photography. While waiting for my first few rolls to be developed, I thought I’d share a few pics I took this past weekend on my Instax Mini 8.

This camera was my first introduction to non-digital photography and it continues to fascinate me. When my sister gifted me this camera for my birthday 4 years ago, I knew that deep down inside, it had ignited a curiosity in me that I have finally decided to indulge.

So, if you like what you have read so far, stay a while and join me on this journey to rediscover 35mm film photography. Here’s hoping for some good times and good pictures!