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When I first came across the Accoutrements Split Cam on ebay, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I had been looking for a while for a plastic novelty camera that I could use just for fun and to stretch my creativity. So when I saw the listing for the Split Cam and found this video, I was sold!

The Split Cam uses “image fusion technology” which is a fancy way to say that the camera has two sliders that are used to block either the top or the bottom part of the lens. This is really the main draw of the camera but the other really great thing is that it can take unlimited multiple exposures. The same button that is used to prevent the film from advancing after taking the first fusion shot can be used to create different layers in one photo which is pretty neat.

Unfortunately I was a little too rough with it and ended up dropping the camera a few weeks ago. I’ll try and put another roll through to see what it’s looking like now but it’s glory days may sadly be over.